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Our platform lets you dress like your favourite actor/actress, Bollywoo invites you to dress-up like Bollywood stars fearlessly, optimistically, and with confidence, that cannot be shaken.


Authentic Bollywood Style Clothing

Bollywood - it’s not just an entertainment industry anymore, it’s almost a place of sacred importance for lots of people. Directly or indirectly, Bollywood has shaped the way we live our lives today. Its stars have become demigods, and the films are a reflection of our world. Bollywood is a way of life for millions of people.

Although that stands true, there has, for a long time, been a disconnect between the magic of Bollywood films and the pragmatism of the daily lives of its fans. We could feel that, and that is why bollywoo.ooo was born.
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Bollywoo (A Dreamworld Digital Shopping Private Limited brand) is a medium through which the common folks can not just love Bollywood, but can also live Bollywood. As a digital marketplace, Bollywood brings to you apparels and accessories that you see your stars adorn on the silver screen, in some of the most iconic films. We help people to look and feel like superstars, through our "stop the screen shop the screen" experience.

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We collaborated with production houses to ensure that the products you receive are authentic and licensed. Our production team ensures that the fit and feel of the products is exactly like the ones you see on the screen. We crave to deliver stylish, comfortable, rich fabric clothing to you because our licenced products represent Silver Screen cloth branding.

You are a Star

The packaging is something that we spent time on dearly to not only make it unique but also contributed a little towards saving the world by making boxes that use minimal paper and roughage while also ensuring the safety of your product. The Pizza and Popcorn box packaging are significant to be youthful & Bollywood oriented products at our behest.
About us
Eventually, everything we do has to be filmy, like our unique packaging. The "pizza box" and "popcorn box" are reminiscent of your movie-going experience, and the beautiful gift wrapping is sure to take you down the memory lane of your favourite Bollywood films. Hence, you never miss out on the "Bollywood" ever.