Hello everyone.

I hope you all are doing well. Today i’ll be introducing you a brand, for which i am sure that you all will love.
All of us love bollywood movies, the actors and most importantly, their clothes represented in the movie. It has happened so many times that i wanted to wear the same clothes as worn by ranbir kapoor, saif ali khan etc etc. Didn’t you ever feel the same?
In this shoot, i am wearing the surfer suit which was worn by ranbir kapoor in movie- ROY.
1. First of all, talking about the suit, the color is day color, so it will look much better at daytime than night.
2. Secondly, do not ever think that you can wear the suit only as one way. There are many ways to wear a suit. In this blog, i am showing three different types of looks, through the same suit
3. Thirdly, whenever you open buttons of the coat, and you’re wearing bowtie/tie or pocketsquare, brooch then, do not wear belt. It will overaccessorise the look of suit.
4. Try to match your shoes with bowtie and watch. In short, match all your accessories with each other. Do not make yourself look like a rainbow.
5. If you’re wearing it for the daytime function, do not forget to wear shades. It will make you look more classy.

– So comfortable that i can wear it while sleeping too.
– I did not even need to get it fit. So leave the myth behind, that buying the suit online comes with fitting issues.
– The packing. Wow. So that it becomes easy to store it for further.
– The suit comes with proper tags of BOLLYWOO. So, why are you waiting? Stop the screen, shop the screen. Choose your favourite movie, your fav. Actor and then pick you fav. Look of him.






Thank me later!!