How are you all? How is the monsoon treating you? The best part about monsoons according to me is the smell of wet sand lingering around. Anyways coming on to today’s post, it is all about BOLLYWOOD. We always look up to our very own Bollywood celebrities for some fashion inspiration and wish to imitate their style but the heavy price tag scares out most of us. Worry not as all your dreams can now come true. Bollywoo, an online shopping portal, specializes in apparel and accessories inspired by bollywood movies. Your dream of feeling like a star can now come true and that too at a very affordable price.

One bollywood actress who I admire the most is Deepika Padukone. She is one such actress who can rock each and every outfit with grace and elegance be it a saree or shorts and tee. I have loved each and every look of her in Tamasha. I absolutely adored how cute she looked in that blue dress worn under the lip print shrug and thus I tried to recreate her look by adding a bit of my personal style. I wanted the look to be a little more glamorous and thus skipped the shrug and instead paired a boho necklace from Brown Village.


I have always loved sling bags and denim being my favorites this season, I carried a denim sling from All That is Pretty with this dress. A pair of reflectors and sky high heels was perfect to complete my look.