• Hot Pink Culottes Worn By Sonam Kapoor In Dheere Dheere

    Dheere Dheere

    Get your hands on one of the hottest trends of the year with this pair of co-ordinated love.

  • Dheere Dheere

    This super-sized skirt celebrates liveliness and will have you twirling all day long.

    Auroal Skirt Worn By Sonam Kapoor In Dheere Dheere Song
  • Striped Top

    Dheere Dheere

    Showcase your dapper persona by slipping into this classic striped top in light tones.

  • Dheere Dheere

    The outfit will make you feel larger-than-life and definitely deserves a special place in your closet..

    Wine Waist Coat Worn By Hrithik Roshan In Dheere Dheere Song
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